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My tree has outgrown my garden, can you help?

If a tree has become too big for the garden or its surroundings, the height can be reduced and shaped accordingly. Many trees can be shaped, but care must be taken though as a heavy or hard prune can lead to rapid re-growth which has the opposite effect.

How do you dispose of the rubbish?

All the wood is chipped and reused for mulch, any timber converted into logs, and everything else is taken away for green waste recycling.

I can’t manage my hedge any more – is this something you can do?

We have all the necessary tools and equipment to trim the largest of hedges, or even completely remove it and plant a smaller hedge, easier for your own management.

Is my tree protected?

Some trees may have a Tree Preservation Order – TPO – placed on them. All trees subject to a TPO will need to have a Tree Works Planning Application submitted to the local council before any work commences.

What if I live in a Conservation Area?

The same applies to Conservation Areas – an application for Tree Works needs to be completed and approved before the works start.

My neighbour’s trees are encroaching my boundary. What can I do?

Firstly talk to the neighbour – it just might be that they are unaware of the situation and will happily sort it for you. After that, you are legally permitted to remove any branches that cross the boundary, although it would be wise to let your neighbour know of your intentions. Any rubbish created you will have to dispose of, unless the neighbour has said they want it back.