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Below is a list is the services we can provide and a few images of work we have completed. If you require any more information or would like a quote please click/tap on the button below. Even if you don’t choose us for the work you are considering please take the time to read our simple guide for choosing an Arborist.


When a tree has grown too large for the space it’s in, rather than remove it all together, the canopy can be reduced to a more appropriate size. Alternatively, there may be some safety issues in which case these risks can be effectively managed by reducing the canopy.


A common tree complaint is that it is casting too much shadow onto a specific area, and a suitable compromise to felling or a reduction is to thin the canopy, thus allowing more light through. This approach is useful from a safety point of view, as the tree can be lightened to remove some of the physical weight that may be stressing any limbs. Thinning will also allow the wind to pass through the canopy and offer less reduced risk from wind damage.


If you are the owner of a tree or hedge overhanging a road, footpath or bridleway you have responsibilities to ensure that the branches are not lower than specific heights. But raising the canopy can also allow you to get more light into a garden or remove any branches off buildings or cables or any other obstacle.


Over the years the canopy of the trees or hedges can quite often become congested, untidy and benefit enormously from periodic cleaning. All plants need to breath and benefit from light so anything that can be done to improve airflows and passage of light has a very positive effect on trees and hedges. Ivy is a very good example whereby the Ivy slowly envelopes the tree, gradually diminishing the vitality and health of the host tree, so the removal of the Ivy would be ideal. The removal of crossing and rubbing branches is also prudent pruning practice, along with the removal of any dead wood, especially when above any potential hazards, for example roads or footpaths.


When the time does come, the skilful removal of any tree is vital, whether by directional felling, if space permits, or by modern dismantle and lowering techniques.


Any tree or hedge removed will leave a stump behind, and this may be required to be removed as well, so the complete area can be freed up for replanting of the replacement or to make way for other works. At the very least though once the stump is gone it will not represent a trip hazard, and the subject of many curses as to why it was never removed!


An often overlooked aspect of any garden, but is in fact a very integral part of every garden. To miss a trim one season can often just build up problems for future years, as many hedges cannot easily be hard pruned. Equally many hedges look their best by being regularly trimmed to help them keep their form. Topiary is a good example of this as the shapes created look their best if regularly trimmed.


An essential part of our services, we are more than pleased to assist with the selection and planting of a new tree or hedge. Getting this part right is critical to ensuring you have the right plant for the location in which it is needed, taking into account such factors as space available, colour characteristics needed, fruiting properties required, evergreen or not, to name but a few. It is really important to ensure the right plant is selected so you get the optimum benefit from it.


Never be afraid to start again, either in sections or the complete garden. But no matter how daunting this may seem, with the right approach and planning the disruption can be minimised and the results seen quite quickly in no time at all you will be asking why it had not been done earlier.


A new or established garden can easily get out of control, or just lose its sparkle or “Wow” factor for the owners. With a bespoke Maintenance Programme you will know that your garden, no matter what size, is now being cared for and will be back to looking its best year round.


Much happens when we least expect it, but knowing who to turn to is what matters most. If you need help, just call – we will do whatever we can.

Images Of Past Work

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Crown Reduction Before

Crown Reduction After

Clearing and Felling Before

Clearing and Felling After

Clearing and Felling Before

Clearing and Felling After

Clearing and Felling After

Birch Crown Reduction Before

Birch Crown Reduction After

Laurel Hedge Trim Before

Laurel Hedge Trim After